Post Sun Mar 18, 2018 1:19 am

Help with BD-J5700 no file listing

Hello folks...

I have been using Serviio without too much issue with my old Sony BDP-5cccc series BD Player. It has died so I went and purchased the Samsung BD-J5700 with DLNA. It says it will easily play MP4 files.

I can find the Serviio drive over the network without trouble on the Samsund J5700. I can enter Video, Folders, And see folders. I enter all folders and I do not see MP4 files showing. I can see AVI files, however. The Serviio device profile setting has been set between various Samsung options and yet it does not change the overall behavior of the J5700. The Samsung J5700 is set to a static IP and has been enabled/allowed in Serviio (1.9.1, by the way).

I know it can play MP3's through the Samsung audio menu, no problem. I need to see the MP4 files across the network and cannot. What do I need to do differently?

Thanks for you help and kind regards...