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Initial setup



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Initial setup

I'm sorry if this is answered elsewhere but i have been looking/searching and cant find a discussion that answers my questions.
I have a Sony Bravia KDL-40EX700 with current software version PKG4.131GAL-0108 connected to my network.
My desktop PC is Windows 10 with all current patches and updates.
I have installed the current version of Serviio (v1.7.11) which is still in the Pro trial stage.
I have adjusted my firewall to alow the required ports (i have even disabled the firewall in some tests)
I have added a folder with about 40 MP4 videos in the root directory as well as in sub folders and they are listed in the video count on the welcome screen.
These MP4 videos work perfectly if i copy them to a USB stick and plug it into the TV.
From the TV i can brows and see the Serviio server and i can select Video and any of the sub options but i can not see any of the videos listed.
I can see the sub folders so i know the TV is seeing the server and the server is showing the correct folder.
I was thinking that maybe it's the format of the Video but i am unsure what format i should make them (i have the original DVDs so i can re-code them to whatever is needed)
Another possibility is i have missed doing something in Serviio to activate the video delivery?
I'm just not sure and bow to the forums greater wisdom.


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Re: Initial setup

Hi Ohana,

Don't need to re-code, that is what serviio makes for you (transcoding & remuxing). You need to "setup profiles", your missing step:
Enter into serviio console and choose your right profile for your TV device, and the same for other devices, (status/devices: http://wiki.serviio.org/doku.php?id=serviio_console_explained): probably Sony Bravia TV (2010), if not 2013/2014,2012, 2011, ... (your TV is 2010 but yor firmware is 2015). Just try.

Then, when you choose a movie that your TV cannot "display" it will "re-code" on the fly (the server); and will display it on the list.

Another issue, I am also a Sony TV owner and had it, is firmware updating:
My TV became upgraded several times, and once it happened the same that you are experiencing (no content at all even with the right profile). The solution was factory reset of the TV (checked with Sony support, it can happen) once the last firmware upgrade was installed.
If you have been hotly upgrading your TV as it suggests and never did that, you will experience a great improvement (not only that issue).

Good luck ;)

Update: Sorry, I noticed you said:
These MP4 videos work perfectly if i copy them to a USB stick and plug it into the TV

So I strongly suggest to you factory reseting your TV as well as reviewing profile setup: https://sony-paa-pa-en-web--paa.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/104133/~/how-to-reset-the-television-to-the-original-factory-settings.

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