Post Mon Jun 12, 2017 2:07 am

Homestream V 1.1


I know that Homestream was discontinued by SONY a few years ago but I've always stuck with it because it's the only media server software that has ever worked for me, even using Serviio's version...nothing ever plays so I've just stuck with Sony's version of the software.

I have noticed something odd ever since I've used it though and I thought I would take the time to create an account here to ask the question, perhaps someone here has an explanation for it and can finally solve the mystery for me?

When I view "status" in the Homestream console, under the device list, it never shows any of my devices as "active device", even when I'm actually connected to a device and streaming from my laptop to the device, it always shows "unknown device state." I've used Homestream since about 2013 I believe and no matter what computer I've had, this has always been the case.

Just curious if anyone knows why this is? Obviously everything works fine but I just don't understand why it never shows as "active device" when it's obviously active and running.