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PS3: nearly every video stops playing



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PS3: nearly every video stops playing

Hi all,

Unfortunately this streaming server is barely usable with my PS3. The reason is that nearly every (mkv) video stops playing with an error message like "content can't be played". (it's a german PS3 so thats just a translation from the german message "Inhalt konnte nicht wiedergegeben werden".)

Sometimes the error occurs always at the same position of the video - sometimes it occurs "randomly" every 10-20 minutes.

I looked at the log files but there's not a single entry showing an error.

I just tried another streaming server: Univerversal Media Server - and it works with every video i tried.

So it seems that the transcoding output from serviio causes the error.

Is there a way to change the PS3 profile?



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Re: PS3: nearly every video stops playing

We have been using PS3's for years now with Serviio without problems. My son only has the PS3 connected to a non-smart TV - and I would certainly hear if he had a problem ;)

The PS3 cannot play MKV files natively, so even the UMS must be transcoding (or remuxing) them. Some things to look at:

  • first things first - make sure your PC isn't going to sleep during playback;
  • Ensure you have enough space for the transcode file (check Serviio Console, Delivery, Transcoding to find the drive Serviio's uses - should have at least 10x the size of your original file free)
  • Turn off "Enable burned-in subtitles" in Serviio Console, Delivery, Subtitles if enabled.
  • Try a MP4 file that can be played natively on the PS3 (this will tell us if the issue is related to transcoding or not)
  • Check the detailed log - that may show what is happening;
  • Post MediaInfo for one of your MKV files.
and... yes, you can edit the PS3 profile but you need to know what to edit first (MediaInfo will help).
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Re: PS3: nearly every video stops playing

Could be wifi interference too. To rule that out try a wired connection and see if the problem persists. I've seen similar problem reports resolved by the person testing on a wired link, and then buying powerline ethernet devices later as a workaround.
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