Post Wed Aug 15, 2018 8:34 am

[REQUEST] Sony Bravia KDL-55W905A - Profile Update

Hello, I've used many different DLNA servers, and Serviio is the best one right now. Stable prefers remuxing to re-encoding. Awesome. I use it mainly with this TV and PS4Pro+PSVR.

My TV is detected as "Sony Bravia TV (2013/14)", which is fine, but... this profile doesn't re-encode E-AC3 audio, which is not supported on w905a.
So, I want to improve this Profile in the source, 'cause I got tired of merging settings each update of Serviio I install.

here are my thoughts/ideas:

this General thread links to a list of supported codecs in an eManual, ( ... st.html#10 ). However, eManual for w905a is located on a different page:
The root of the manual: ... index.html
thus the supported Codec List is put here: ... ist.html#5
diff tool shows a few updated AVC levels("AVC / H.264 MP@L4.2, HP@L4.2" and not 4.0), improved fps support 1920x1080@60fps.
everything else is the same. so, nothing special...
DTS-Core is also supported

now, E-AC3 to AC3 support. there is none in the tv itself, so, based on this thread (viewtopic.php?f=7&t=3992), I force re-encoding to ac3.
I added these lines to the profile (after line 5081 in v1.9.2) , and it made it work!
<Video targetContainer="mpegts" targetACodec="ac3" aBitrate="384">
            <Matches container="*" aCodec="eac3" />

I would like to see targetContainer="mkv" and mux all other tracks into resulting container... as well as subtitles,... and, maybe, normalize the sound level (it is really x0.5 -to- x0.2 of regular ac3/dts tracks)

but this works fine already and I am able to watch many tv-shows that are usually marked as "WEB-DL", DD+, AMZN, and NETFLIX.

I didn't find GitHub-repo - couldn't make a PR for this. so I'm asking for help from the devs to release my burden :)