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2015 Sony Downmixed Audio



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2015 Sony Downmixed Audio

The Sony XBR 2015 TVs can play pretty much anything untranscoded and hardly needs a DLNA server. I firmly believe the recommended Serviio profile already remuxes/transcodes more than it needs to for these TVs.

Unfortunately, in the past few firmware updates the x850c lost a few features. Unless you are using the Video App from Sony, multi-channel audio that isn't Dolby Digital gets played in stereo (this includes DTS, PCM and AAC).

While Sony's video app will passthrough (or play the core of) DTS(HD) and transcode AAC to DD, the latter sounds like crap.

It doesn't look like Sony is going to change it back. The config for this and probably other models/years could use an update to force a transcode to AC3 (preferably at 640kbps) for anything greater than 2.0 that isn't already in that format.


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Re: 2015 Sony Downmixed Audio

You might try a few different profiles, just to see if you can find one that performs better than the Sony profile. For example, the Roku 4K TV profile will transcode all audio except DD to AC3, and not touch most video. Once you find one that does what you need, you can create your own personal profile that Serviio won't remove at update time.

I agree about Sony reducing functionality. My older Blu Ray players would bitstream TrueHD and Master Audio from my BD rips, while my current BD player will only do TrueHD. DTS must have upped their license fee. That's the main reason I have switched to an Nvidia Shield as my streaming player. Costs a little more, but my BD and UHD rips now play with TrueHD/Atmos and DTS:X audio, full HDR and matching video framerate.

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