Post Sun Jan 28, 2018 5:03 pm

LG B6: Server content is NOT refreshed in + NO Subtitles

Hi guys!

I've been using Serviio for a while now, and one of the issues that's bothering me now is that the content is not refreshed/updated in my TV.
What do I mean?
If I make any changes to the content my Serviio is sharing, I don't see it updated in the LG webOS 3.0 native DLNA client (AKA "Photos & Videos").
Even if I "close" the DLNA client application in the TV and re-open it, it still shows me the "old" content.
The only way to get it to refresh is if I stop the Serviio server via the console, and start it again.
I've tried using the "generic DLNA client" profile and also the "LG TV" profile, no difference.

The second issue I'm having, is that some subtitles are not "detected" in my LG player.
Always internal subtitles (i.e. external .srt files always work).
Many movies contain multiple subtitle tracks, and these are almost always not playable on my TV.
Any solution for this?