Post Sat Mar 18, 2017 7:16 pm

QNAP - duplicate file warning

I use SERVIIO on QNAP NAS 453A. I collect video clips and photo shots from eight IP cameras (Foscam). It transmit clips and photo over FTP to QNAP shared folder and forms itself dir structure like this:


and in the same time

I want to add both library's (video and photo) as separate library to Serviio database, using build-in WEB GUI.
After successfully added video entry, I wanted to add photo entry. Both with location path as shown above.
And I got warning:

In the shared folder, there are duplicate files. Introduced files can not be repeated

And photo elements where not added . How can I resolve that problem?


I would like to clarify the issue. I changed shorted above the path to the video clips and photos to full path and below the full path that I have made in the entries indicating the position of the two libraries.