Post Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:22 am

AS-604T Not Accessing Drives on Buffao NAS

I currently have an Asustor AS-604T as well as a Buffalo LS441 for storing all my videos on. In the living room, I use a Raspberry Pi2 running Kodi 17 to access both NAS units, and it works fine.

I now have a TV in another room and rather than just getting another RPi2/3, I was going to use the features of the NAS itself, and so installed Serviio on the Asustor (it has XBMC, but it is old and doesn't work properly). Now Serviio works fine on the Asustor, but I was hoping to get it to pick up the videos on the Buffalo NAS as well.

I have read various threads about people running Serviio on computers and trying to access network drives, with references to checking log files, etc for errors. I can't find any options to configure Serviio and how it runs (user rights, etc). For simplicity, I have created a 'Serviio' username on both NAS units, with the one on the Buffalo having Read permissions. I have then added the pathname to the various folders on the Buffalo (\\x.x.x.x\share\videos) into Serviio, but it still won't pick them up.

Since there has been quite a bit about usernames/passwords being the same, I'm wondering if this is what is wrong with my setup. Could it be because the Asustor is running the Serviio service using 'admin' or some other username, and if so, is there any way to get it to use the 'Serviio' username I created?

Any assistance or pointers would be appreciated.