Post Mon May 15, 2017 11:45 pm

Serviio and Synology Nas after updates


I have a Synology Nas 1515+ which was recently wiped and reinstalled from scratch to DSM 6.1.x
Installed Serviio 1.8 and it was working great.

Now I recently updated DSM to the latest patch level (6.1.1-15101 update 2) and there are some performance issues with Serviio.
Most noticeable is fast forwarding, it will only work so far then states media is not playable.
Also trying to jump further down the media time line errors out with either network error or media not playable.

Streaming to a PS3 and using only mp4 files stored directly on the NAS, wired gig network.

I have seen similar behaviour with Serviio and updates to DSM. I usually removed Serviio and reinstall it but this time that work around is not fixing the issue.

Any ideas or point in some direction would help