Post Fri Nov 09, 2018 6:08 pm

Problem with Java Installation


I want to install on my Synology NAS DS212+ the java package which is required for serviio.
In the package center there is the installer for "Java SE Embedded 8". After starting the installation the install routine wants that I download this file "ejdk-8u181-linux-arm-sflt.tar.gz" from the oracle server.
But there ist only the newer file "ejdk-8u191-linux-arm-sflt.tar.gz". I downloaded it and put it in the public directory from my NAS. Again starting the install routine but it wants to have the file "...181..." only.
So I renamed the file to the desired name. Now the installion from the java package is done well. But I cannot start it. When I click start it takes a litte time and then it is still in stopped status.

Can anybode help me please?

Kind regards