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Does VPN offer virus protection?



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Does VPN offer virus protection?

I have been experiencing poor performance in my laptop and it often gives me warnings (my anti-virus). I guess there are viruses in my laptop but I don’t understand how there could be one as I always had anti-virus activated. Recently I went through VPN services and most of them said something about protection, Does VPN offer protection against Virus?


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Re: Does VPN offer virus protection?

VPN does not protect from a virus. It simply allows a secure connection across the Internet between two points. If there is an active virus at ether end of the VPN, the virus could pass from one to the other.

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Re: Does VPN offer virus protection?

I don't think a VPN something to do with virus protection, but yes it can make your internet connection secure with military grade encryption making it impossible for hackers or higher authority to snoop on your activities.


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Re: Does VPN offer virus protection?

VPN does not protect your system from viruses. That anti-virus programs do. VPN cloaks your ip and helps in unlocking geo-locked content. Be it streaming, shopping or any other sort of content.


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Re: Does VPN offer virus protection?

No, VPN does not provide any time of virus protection. VPN provides only data encryption. you can surf your activity anonymously.

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Re: Does VPN offer virus protection?

I don't think so VPN can protect your PC from viruses. Since viruses, the only antivirus can protect your PC. ;)

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