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Here's a list of some live TV streams. I've tested these on my Serviio server on PC, iOS, and PS3. To add these, copy the URL of the channel you want (you may have to right click the link and select "Copy link address"). Then go to "Online sources" in your Serviio library and select "+Add" at the bottom. Set the Source type to "Live stream", media type to "Video", and "Source URL" to the URL you just copied. Set the display name (e.g. "CNN"). Optionally, you can set a thumbnail by copying and pasting a link to the channel's logo from somewhere on the internet.

I will try to keep this list updated. If any links do not work for you please let me know so I can remove dead links and add new ones. I'll be sure to add more as they become available. Cheers!


ABC News ... aster.m3u8

Alaska 360 North ... ylist.m3u8


Animal Planet
https://thawing-meadow-76329.herokuapp. ... 83133.m3u8

Al Jazeera English
http://aljazeera-eng-apple-live.adaptiv ... leman.m3u8

BBC World News
http://zogas@static. ... 0t4jAua7ab

The Blaze ... aster.m3u8


Bravo ... s_13428.ts

Cablenoticias ... tu1_1.m3u8

C-SPAN 1 ... &rebase=on

C-SPAN 2 ... &rebase=on

C-SPAN 3 ... &rebase=on

CBS ... 51dGVzPTIw

http://zogas@static. ... 0t4jAua7ab

The Florida Channel

Free Speech TV ... 242_5.m3u8

Fox News ... 0a2c8fa1b0

History Channel ... 33931.m3u8

Kenya Citizen TV (KCTV) ... 75018.m3u8

London Live ... r_900.m3u8

MSNBC ... &rebase=on

NASA TV ... aster.m3u8

NBC News ... index.m3u8

NDTV ... ylist.m3u8

PAC-12 (Washington)

http://ut-tikilive-live.hls.adaptive.le ... 3368908721

Russia Today

Sky News ... 51/03.m3u8