Post Wed Feb 15, 2017 2:13 am

Serviio Library doesn't update


I bought Serviio today and spend half of my day organising my videos files.

After I done this, I set Serviio to refresh my library and it seems that no update occurs after 20 entries have been added to the library.

I have activated the debug log in serviio and the file is been located but is not added into serviio library and appears that no errors are happening, so... Is there any configuration to limit the files or something like that?

Here's the log (FULL LOG:::
2017-02-15 01:35:38,352 DEBUG [MediaFileIndexer] Found file 'Xtreme Light ��� Aula 01.mp4', checking if it's already in the Library
2017-02-15 01:35:38,352 DEBUG [MediaItemDAOImpl] Checking if DB already contains media item /mnt/HD/HD_a2/data/files/Torrents/Xtreme21/Xtreme ligth/Xtreme Light ��� Aula 01.mp4
2017-02-15 01:35:38,353 DEBUG [MediaItemDAOImpl] Looking up a media item for file path: /mnt/HD/HD_a2/data/files/Torrents/Xtreme21/Xtreme ligth/Xtreme Light ��� Aula 01.mp4, ignore case: false
2017-02-15 01:35:38,358 DEBUG [MediaItemDAOImpl] Media item /mnt/HD/HD_a2/data/files/Torrents/Xtreme21/Xtreme ligth/Xtreme Light ��� Aula 01.mp4 doesn't exist in DB yet

Also, is the library structure open? I'm a C# developer and would like to create a tool that will map the entire library by a virtual path and after the whole mapping is done, change the base path(virtual) for the real path (base path). My PC is a lot faster them my NAS storage, so it will be faster to map the entire library without having to wait hours.