Post Wed Mar 08, 2017 8:38 am

Long folder names

Running on Linux. I have a folder structure for audio files:

../artist/album/01.flac 02.flac 03.flac cover.jpg

where "album" is a symlink to the actual folder containing the flac files and cover.jpg.

This is classical music, where the folder name at album level can be long (a digest of information on composer, work and participating artists, the structure is created by a script) -- but obviously within the 255 character count limit on linux.

With long album folder names Serviio has problems (I haven't checked in detail, but 175 is over the limit). Instead of the correct tree structure as above, it presents a flattened structure:


ie. the level below artist has one album entry for each underlying flac file, each containing just the one flac file, instead of a single album entry containing all the flac files. Each of the multiple album entries has the same title (ie duplicates) and is truncated at approx. 128 characters.

Not an enormous problem, but it would be helpful if future versions could handle folder names up to the maximum length.

FWIW there's no problem with long file names.