Post Tue Mar 28, 2017 4:15 pm

How-To ScreenCast Your Desktop to Serviio via OBS

Hi everyone,

YES THIS CAN BE DONE. This little how-to helps with this very issue and more importantly provides a means to use one of the most powerful features of Serviio (which I absolutely love): Streaming.


All operating systems (Linux, Mac, WIndows
OBS Software (Centos OS will have to build the software from source and probably need to package it)

Once OBS is installed, follow the instructions here: ... using-obs/

Then go into your Serviio Online Sources in your console.

Source Type: Livestream
Media Type: Video
Source URL: udp:// <--------- This is a Multicast address for any system on your network that wants to access this stream (Yes you can change your port)

On OBS, you will need to play with resolutions and bitrates until you find it to your liking. REMEMBER, this is your home network so have a little fun!

Once done, Serviio can stream your desktop.

The reason I went this route is because the Granius service and an increasing amount of streaming services are hiding their RTMP streams and its such a pain in the ass to extract and decode. Flash players are huge resource hogs.

AND..... I want to watch these streams from my TV.

Enjoy everyone!