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I have been using Serviio Pro for a couple of years now, but have recently switched broadband supplier; and now my devices won't connect to Serviio on my PC. When I say devices I mean phones and tablets etc, as I have wireless devices connected to the non smart TVs in the house that still work fine.

I get the following message "failed to open connection to the server", connection timed out

Anybody and ideas, bearing in mind I am not by any means any kind o expert.


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Re: Help

What apps are you using to connect to Serviio from your phone/tablets (eg. ServiiGo or MediaBrowser)?
Are your phone/tablets connected to your internal WiFi network or are you connecting from your 3G/4G cellular network?
What IP address is your phone/tablets trying to connect to and is it still valid?
Did you change routers when you changed suppliers?
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Re: Help

If you changed routers with your new ISP, it's possible there is a setting that is hiding network devices from seeing each other. You should be able to turn it off. Sometimes it's for the wireless connection only, so look under those settings as well.

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Re: Help

I have a similar problem, cant play mp3 files, neither with Mediabrowser nor with serviiGo...v1.8 PRO on Synology.

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