Post Fri Mar 23, 2012 8:16 am

Library Not Auto-Updating in 0.62

Since updating to Serviio 0.62 on Windows 7 x64 I've noticed that the library auto-update feature appears to have stopped working for Videos (at least). So I stopped the UPnP Server, Console and the Serviio service, then deleted the \db\ and \cache\ folders, restarted the service then the console and allowed it to rebuild the file cache. Curiously I noticed that I didn't have to reconfigure the console settings. However, since then the auto-refresh hasn't returned to normal operation.

I have "Library automatically updated" console option ticked, the Library refresh "Keep library automatically updated" ticked, the pause between refreshes set to default 5 minutes and monitoring of the following shared folders:

C:\Users\Public\Videos\ - Video, Meta, Music, Scan for Additions/Updates
C:\Users\Public\Music\ - Music, Scan for Additions/Updates
C:\Users\Public\Pictures\ - Pictures, Scan for Additions/Updates

Serviio has been left on overnight while downloads complete where files are added the shared Videos folder. These are visible in explorer, but not currently via media server delivery. My recent debug log activity is attached.
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If I force a refresh via console then additions, updates and deletions are always handled.

Any suggestions?