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Love Serviio but moving to Linux Mint...



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Post Mon Aug 01, 2016 6:15 pm

Love Serviio but moving to Linux Mint...

I've been using Serviio for a long time but I'm so disappointed with Win10 I'm moving to Linux Mint. Sadly there isn't an easy way of installing Serviio on Linux.

I've followed as many online posts as I can. I've upgraded Java and installed other stuff (bear in mind I'm a complete Linux newbie) but now I have to start Serviio manually and I can't add anything to my library. I mentioned this on Reddit and got a reply from a guy (and two others by PM) saying they'd had the same problem. The Serviio sub on Reddit is dead BTW.

Whenever you mention Serviio on Reddit everybody says "just use Plex" but Serviio is superior in every way... except for Linux! Sadly I'm going to have to accept a worse product because a simple "idiots-guide" script doesn't exist AFAIK

PS it's almost worth sticking with Windows just for Serviio but.... not enough. :D


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Post Thu Sep 22, 2016 1:58 am

Re: Love Serviio but moving to Linux Mint...

Hi GrinningDog (and any other Minty Serviio fans),

I just put a post up about installing Serviio 1.7 onto Ubuntu. I bet it would be close for Mint too. Here's a link to the article:

I would be willing to adapt my procedure to Mint and help you out with an install. Once Serviio is running on Linux it seem very steady to me. I think the biggest challenge for a newbie is probably just dealing with permissions to your playable stuff.

Am I a Linux expert? Probably not. But, am I a newbie? Not for a long time now. I'll stick with you until it's running. Send me a message.

Now that you've pointed me on a tangent I think I'll download Mint and see what all the hubbub is about. I've used Ubuntu, Red Hat, and Suse, but not Mint. I just this minute looked it up and found that it's a Debian and Ubuntu derivative. I can help for sure.


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