Post Sun Sep 25, 2016 12:11 pm

A Review of SERVIIO after 1 year of use

The purpose of this post is to provide a review of SERVIIO for those thinking to try it out. When I made the decision, I found nothing like this.

Simply put, after trying Plex and a few other options, Serviio was hands down the best at what it does.

The installation is straight forward, no instructions are really required, just basic pushing buttons and youll figure out where everything goes.

Most important, the product works. And if it doesnt work perfect, its probably NOT serviio.

On Xbox One i had a lot of problems trying to watch content, at least 15% of titles would give me a message saying "cannot play content". Go back a minute later, and it may play. or it may not. However, once we bought a smart Samsung TV, the serviio system works flawlessly, not one title on 14TB wont play.

No set up was required, the serviio icon simply appears in the apps on the Samsung 70" 4k tv.

If you are looking to view your media on your TV, smart phone, tablet, PC, MAC, whatever...serviio is what you need.

Don't waste your time, or your money anywhere else. Ive had this for one year now, and buying the pro edition was the best thing Ive ever done. My entire library at home is available to watch on my phone, on my work computer, anywhere there is internet or cell phone access.

PROBLEMS: nothing is perfect right?
The biggest issue Ive had with serviio was when I change computers. As someone who has a computer business selling Macs on eBay (Florida Apple mac Pros), Im changing out my computer every 3-4 months.

Sometimes this goes smooth, but sometimes, the system wont work anymore. There is a simple fix, but if you don't do it right, it wont be simple.

You delete the system and reinstall it, but you have to remove the system properly. Im not going to do the tech stuff here, but the instructions for how to properly remove serviio can be found here, or google search. you have to remove several components before its gone, and if you don't do that, it wont work when you re install it either.

However, if you do it right, you can have it back up and running in a matter of minutes.

Thats it.
Thats the only problem Ive ever had with serviio, so if you don't change computers often, youll never have to do that!

Only other issue, which is NOT a fault of Serviio, is making the connection to your home system when it changes its IP address, or when your computer gets a new internal private IP (going from say to I have Bookmarks that have the correct ip address, so I simply update my bookmark.
You can get a static IP from your provider, but if your like me and you don't shut off your computer except for a restart, youll probably keep the same IP External and Internal for a long time.

Anyone who has a better way of doing this, I welcome your feedback.

I am not an advanced user when it comes to stuff like this. I consider myself an advance user OVERALL, but when I look at topics in here, I don't know what some things are. And I can tell you Ive had no problem setting up, maintaining, and using Serviio for a year now, as the best way to stream videos to the 4 corners!