Post Mon Oct 17, 2016 1:05 pm

New Serviio user.


Having many discs (almost all types from 98 rpm gramophone to brds), I encoded my collection beginning of century in mp3.

I used a self made program to sort, display, etc, all my discs. This program only worked under Windows, and stopped working under Windows 10 redstone.
Serviio is a good alternative, because it operates under a web browser (Linux, Macos, Windows and Android)

I'm running Serviio on a fast machine (I7, 3.2Ghz, 16Go Ram, Several ssds, 4 dvd players.)
I start this server via Wake on lan, and stop it via power off lan (otherwise, it reboots instead of stopping - this is a well known problem)
I did share locally it's music folder, and also installed an ftp server to go on the net.
My Serviio server is not allowed on the internet.

I'm reencoding all my discs with the flac format.
To do this, I'm running Linux and 3 Windows virtual machines.
Each of them runs Fairstars cd ripper. Sound Juicer under Linux.
This is the only way to use 4 different Cd payers, and this is 4 times faster !
All covers are already scanned -1024x1024 pixels, using cover.jpg name. Luckily, Servioo uses this name convention and all my discs are correctly displayed.

I will not record my analog discs again : they will remain in "mp3"

I'm using the photos Serviio feature to display all my films and Pc utilities, using different categories.
I plan to add all my family pictures when flac encoding will be finished.

Of course, I've got an external Hd, cloned from the "music one" for safety reasons. I do NOT use raid to do this because I prefer the copy to be in a safe place, not running.

Listening under 4 different systems :
Micromega Myamp,
Jmlab system
Marantz- triangle system

I do not listen music through android devices !

Thanks to Serviio developers. I've made some suggestions, maybe one of them will be possible soon ...