Post Fri Apr 14, 2017 9:42 pm

Huge playback/library bug

I am using Serviio on a Synology DS413j NAS. It is fantastic, except one thing. The files from the last library scan are unplayable.

By unplayable I mean that I am unable to pause/FF/rewind on every single player I have tried (Sony Bravia, AB Cryptobox DVR, Kodi on Windows, ...). Also just after a few minutes the audio and the video goes asynchronous and I am unable to sync them again. (I used to do it by pause then play again, this helps).
(It is easy to spot in the movie list, if the file is in this faulty mode. On my Sony TV, the video length is missing from the list, and on other players the indicated file size is usually way too small.)

Here is how it misbehaves:
I copy some new files on my NAS, Serviio scans the library and I see the new files on the list but their playback is faulty as described previously. I can restart the NAS, restart the service, rescan the library, nothing helps (neither time solves the problem). The only thing solves this problem is to put a newer file into the library folder, and press rescan again. After this my previous files work 100%, and this new file has the playback problems.

Can somebody tell me what is going on here? Does this thing happening with anyone else or it is just me?
I am having this trouble for 3 years now and it is bugging me more then ever. Please help! :D
Using: Serviio on Synology DS413j and Sony Bravia KDL-46HX800.