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which film mode



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Post Thu Aug 04, 2022 8:52 pm

which film mode

Sorry if this is in the wrong section.
My serviio is version 1.9.1 which I would like to keep.
I had it installed on my macbook pro, but I decided to uninstall it.
Before I did this, my films streamed from my mac were fine, but I didn't look what film mode it was set to.
I then decided to install it again, I downloaded an old film from youtube and ran it, because it was from youtube it didn't fit the screen so I to try the film modes.
For some stupid reason, I did't take any notice what the mode was set to, but I put it on mode 2 and then the picture filled the screen.
I then put a 16.9 film on, but obviously the image size was wrong.
On the film modes, there is Original, Mode 1, Mode 2, and some others.
When you install serviio, what is the default mode? as I would like to keep it on that.
I tried another film, I can't remember the resolution, but if I put it to original, the size of the image went smaller, if I then put it on Mode 1, it changed to a correct size for viewing.
So I'm guessing the default mode is Mode 1? as it seems to work on all films.
Sorry if this sound all a bit all over the place.
So I guess my question is, what is the default mode when first installed.
Thanks for any replies.


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Post Fri Aug 05, 2022 12:56 am

Re: which film mode

I have a couple Samsung TVs, but I have no idea what you mean by film mode. There's color temp settings, And some picture modes that are just image presets for all the brightness and color controls.

I'm thinking you're talking about the display's aspect ratio modes. I seem to remember my old Panasonic Plasma TV having aspect ratios marked as Mode One and Two. In these, there's usually one labeled "Just" or "original" that is supposed to match the aspect ratio the video reports. And most of the time, that mode will work. But sometimes the video metadata doesn't contain the correct ratio, especially if it's not an anamorphic widescreen image. One example of that is the original DVD version of "Tremors". You end up with black space around all four edges, and you'd need to zoom the display to fill it all. And often doing that cuts the captions off the bottom of the display. My solution for that was to buy the Blu Ray version which was properly encoded for the widescreen anamorphic image, and it fills the screen just fine.

Videos downloaded from an online source are often either encoded wrong or are poorly made copies of the original film and have all kinds of processing errors.

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