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Black screen when choosing Serviio from main menu on TV.



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Post Sun Feb 26, 2017 2:13 am

Black screen when choosing Serviio from main menu on TV.

I have a Samsung 75" 4k TV and have been using Serviio with it just fine for probably 2 years now.
Just this passed week whenever I choose serviio from the onscreen menu the screen just goes blank like it's not doing anything.

If I turn on my Samsung Blu Ray player and choose Serviio using that everything works fine.
It's just strange that it's worked all this time and now is having issues.

I turned the TV off and on again, same with the computer, changed the IP of the TV.

If serviio were an APP i would try uninstalling it on the TV like I have to do with HBO GO now and then when it messes up/gets corrupted.
But serviio is just another source basically so I can't do that.

Anyone have this happen to them?



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Post Sun Feb 26, 2017 2:18 am

Re: Black screen when choosing Serviio from main menu on TV.

No, I haven't seen that happen. It sounds like Samsung issued a firmware update that broke something with DLNA. It wouldn't be the first time Samsung broke something with an update. I no longer even use the Samsung app for accessing my server. I either use my Sony BD player (which gives me HD audio) or a Roku player. For all its smart apps, I seldom use any of them.

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