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SOLVED - Samsung "please check your connection" disconnect



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Post Sun Jan 14, 2018 5:38 am

SOLVED - Samsung "please check your connection" disconnect

This disconnection happens on any file after 3+ minutes.

I searched the forums and with Google until I found the solution suggestion from here: http://www.serviio.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=21549

This device in the link is a different Samsung device, however.

SYMPTOM: Samsung H-series profile (or later) devices show "please check your connection" and stop play after playing anything longer than 3 minutes. (Serviio connection, however, stays connected.)

SOLUTION: edit the profiles.xml and remark out the "<DeviceDescription>" section to keep all files playing, and to resume play exactly where it last ended, instead of always starting over from the beginning with the generic profile.


<ExtraElements> &lt;sec:ProductCap&gt;smi,DCM10,getMediaInfo.sec,getCaptionInfo.sec&lt;/sec:ProductCap&gt; &lt;sec:X_ProductCap&gt;smi,DCM10,getMediaInfo.sec,getCaptionInfo.sec&lt;/sec:X_ProductCap&gt;

<!-- DeviceDescription -->
<!-- ExtraElements> &lt;sec:ProductCap&gt;smi,DCM10,getMediaInfo.sec,getCaptionInfo.sec&lt;/sec:ProductCap&gt; &lt;sec:X_ProductCap&gt;smi,DCM10,getMediaInfo.sec,getCaptionInfo.sec&lt;/sec:X_ProductCap&gt;
</ExtraElements -->
<!-- /DeviceDescription -->

I honestly do not know why this problem started when I installed and linked the same files to a 2nd laptop (i.e. Serviio server), since both had the same 1.9 release and the same stored files, and same viewing devices. But at least the solution WORKS!

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Post Sun Jan 14, 2018 5:53 pm

Re: SOLVED - Samsung "please check your connection" disconne

Interesting solution. I noticed the Samsung J series profile does not contain that section. I am curious what model Samsung you were experiencing this with.

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