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Samsung S10

PostPosted: Tue Feb 11, 2020 11:55 am
by sergioamtz
First of all thank you for the Serviio software is amazing.

I am running the new version 2 and the new cell app on my Samsung S10.

I have a question or request.

When I use my cell to play music or .mp3 files I have the cell default to play with Samsung music player app and works fine.

When I try to play my Serviio mp3 or playlist through my cell phone I can not or wont use my Samsung player app, it uses like a built in Music Player app which is ok.

Now the only problem I have with that is that the built in player will sometimes play my files on continuous but most of the times it wont or stop after the first song.

Note: if I use the PC app or browser I love that it has the Play All button and I can skip and it continues playing the next song.

Is it something I am doing wrong because I tried the que file option and play button, just the play button, just the que button but like I mention sometimes it works and sometimes it just stops on the first song.

Re: Samsung S10

PostPosted: Tue Feb 11, 2020 1:17 pm
by atc98092
I would consider installed a different player and trying that. VLC is a good choice for access DLNA servers, and there's a third party app called ServiiGo specifically for Android devices. See this for more information: viewtopic.php?f=17&t=6803