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Re: [Readme] Sony Bravia 2015

blancofa wrote:
ddasd wrote:is it possible to get profile for 2015 ( KDL W808C)

can u help me with subs & servia through DLNA?

Using the 2013/14 profile I find the presentation comes up strange.

hi, i bought Sony Bravia kd-65xg7096 today and had problem to watch movies via serviio with subtitles

i found solution and it works great i guess:

a) i set my profile "Sony Bravia TV (12)"
b) checked Delivery/Subtitles for "UTF-8" encoding
c)then encode your SRT file in UTF-8 (for instance: ""), please follow this process:

1. Rename (F2) the "" file with your PC in "".
2. Launch the app "Notepad".
3. Click on the "File" menu then select "Save the file as...".
4. In coding option, select "UTF-8". Then save your file.
5. Rename (F2) the file "" to "".

d) Done! It works for me. Subtitles didnt have UTF-8 coding before so they couldnt work with Serviio encoding. Hope it helps you too.