Post Fri Jan 27, 2017 2:54 am

Sony BDP-S6500 won't display raw images

I have 3 Sony blu-ray players hooked up to 2 Sony TVs and 1 LG TV. The cheaper older players, the S5100 and S5200, both display raw images. The S6500 however just displays the broken image icon and moves onto the next image in the directory.

I feel like maybe there's some setting I screwed up in the S6500, I could swear it used to play the raw images. The actual images are from Sony cameras, .arw extension, in case that matters.

I'm using Serviio Pro 1.8 with Windows 10 64-bit on the PC server. Serviio profile for the S6500 and S5200 is Sony BDP-Sx100 (2013). The even older S5100 profile is Sony BDP-Sx70/SMP-N100 (2010). The TV itself will display the .arw images if I start the DLNA server through the smart TV function, but they won't show through the Sony S6500 player.

I can't believe the newer more expensive player isn't capable of displaying raw images. I tried contacting Sony, but all they'll say is that raw images aren't supported, but that's true for the S5100 and S5200 as well, yet they display perfectly on the 2 older cheaper players. They have no explanation why they work at all on those 2 older players.

Is it possible there's something different in the Sony profile I'm using that affects the display of raw images in the S6500?

And if there's truly no way to display those images on the S6500, is there a way to block certain file types through the Serviio library? I believe that feature had been asked for in the past, but not sure if it was ever implemented, at least I can't find a way to exclude certain file types anywhere.

Edit: Here's the thread that I found about filtering out specific file types from quite awhile ago.