Post Fri Mar 10, 2017 6:16 pm

Sony Bravia videos dropout FIX"cannot connect to the server"

Hello Sony Serviio users
I have a SONY BRAVIA TV KDL-55W905A, and for ages ive been trying to solve the playback of videos (hdtv and 720p or any format) dropping out and saying "cannot connect to the server" and throwing me back to the server list, it also forgets the playing position so you have to wiz along till you find where you were, this happens about 1-2 times a day as i watch tv shows etc, well to cut a long story short after trying many things, you have to "in setting find the remote device renderer and TURN IT OFF" this has worked for me for the last two weeks+, details below.

This is how to find the setting.............
menu/network/home network setup/remote device renderer/TURN IT OFF

Ive not had any problems doing this, the media player and serviio work ok as does the iplayer and 5 on demand apps, maybe this is used for direct phone to tv stuff like NFC near field comunication or some thing similar, but you can allways turn it back on if problems arise.


I posted this info hoping to help other sony bravia owners as there is no mention of this on the servio forum not that i can find.:)