Post Fri Apr 21, 2017 11:40 am

Ace Stream (P2P) to Serviiio to Sony Bravia 2011

Hi! I am using Ace (VLC) Player for P2P, online sream (Torrent stream, etc),
streaming through Serviio Online to Sony Bravia EX720 (2011 profile)
Settings :
Serviio - http://my IP:8902
Ace Player - #duplicate{dst=std{access=http,mux=ts,dst=:8902},dst=display}
The issue is - NO SOUND on Sony TV.
I tried different sound transcoding options for Player. Some of them distort picture, stop stream or prevent direct playing mkv movies in Player itself. Finally wfound working line - #transcode{acodec=mp2a,ab=192,scale=1,channels=2,deinterlace}:duplicate{dst=std{access=http,mux=ts,dst=:8902},dst=display} - looks as all works fine. The question is - why Sony Bravia profile for Serviio works perfect with all files types (as I tried) from folders on PC and at the same time direct stream from Ace player cannot be transcoded by Serviio? I think the same is with IPTV lists in Serviio. To set Ace (VLC) is the headache but what to do with IPTV lists? (And there is no support for Russian in IPTV lists.)

Is there any chance to set transcoding of Live stream and IPTV directly in Serviio?