Post Sat Jan 20, 2018 10:20 pm

Sony KDL-60EX645 unable to communicate with server.

The KDL-60ex645 can see SERVIIO (v1.9) but whenever it attempts to retrieve Audio (MP3) or Photo (JPG) it receives a NOT ACCESSIBLE message. I see this has happened quite a bit but none of the solutions on the Forum address my problem. I've tried every available profile for the Sony BRAVIA as well as the DLNA Generic. I've traced the process several times with DEBUG and I'm attaching the last . They all look very similar. I've deleted the SERVER from the TV; Reset the TV's Factory settings; Reset the MODEM/ROUTER; Restarted SERVIIO many times and etc. The TV supports DLNA and has the latest software/firmware according to SONY. Making matters even more confusing is that I have another older Sony TV (KDL-40NX700) that works fine with SERVIIO in that it is able to retrieve my Photos and Music. The Server is running on a WINDOWS 7 PC in all cases. I also can communicate with a Yamaha A/V Receiver without any problems. I would appreciate any help that you could provide. I apologize if this has happened previously and I've somehow overlooked the solution as I searched the forums. The SERVIIO console reports this device as active prior to my attempting to access the Photo or Audio files. When comparing the DEBUG files from other successful devices (Sony KDL-40NX700), it appears as soon as a RETRIEVE DEVICE DESCRIPTION is presented for the KDL-60EX645, that is the end of any meaningful contact. I can access the URL noted on the RETRIEVE from the PC. The IP address of the TV is correct. The RENDERER flag is on. What am I overlooking? Let me know if more information would be helpful. Thanks..
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