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Please Help Me Resolve This-Still ongoing about a month

PostPosted: Mon Sep 24, 2018 8:45 pm
by Maxpower1
The Facts:
Client: Sony BDPS390 with Firmware Version M11.R.0422
Server Pentium I7 Win7-64Bit Processor is Intel(R) Core i7 870@2.93GHZ 2.40GHz
With 12 Gig of Ram
I am a Serviio Lover, and have been a big fan since about 2012. All I do with Serviio is play Files on a Sony BDP390 (my client) from my computer listed above (Server). This is a network Wired Connection. This has always worked well, playing almost all video formats I have thrown at it: Mp4, avi, and Mkv. UNTILL Recently!!!
Not sure what version of Serviio I had been running at the time or what profile I was using (I did try a profile change at one point- I used a: Sony Bravia TV (2012) - US) This helped play a most of my video files.
I did read the: [Readme] Sony Bluray Disc/Network Media Players by Patters- but feel that my particular player with the firmware I am running has been LEFT OUT of the profile upgrades.
I am at my wits end and I am a very technical person. No matter what I try, most all files play but studder or pause and then continue playing. :x This is my main problem.
Please help me- most of these files I have watched in the past!!! (with no problems)
I have loaded a brand new copy of Serviio latest edition, by Defaut Sony BDP-SX70/SMP=N100 (2010) Profile Loaded but feel the profile is closer to Sony Bravia TV (2012) - US even though neither of these fix this problem. I can play a majority of these video files tru the USB or my other server a stand alone netgear DLNA server with no transcoding!!!
DLNA Masters and entusiuasts please help me get a correct and modified profile to fix my delimma, and I will become a member, and help others as well-
Thanks again for all help prior to fixing my issue in advance. Retired US Marine- Can send logs if and when someone suggests the profile I should be on.
My Last post was: Please Help- Everything was working well, then it doesn't But has not be resolved!!! :( :(
No changes in router, cables or anything. If I can't fix this, maybe someone could recommend a new BluRay player that would be more supported, than the one I am usuing for this job.

Re: Please Help Me Resolve This-Still ongoing about a month

PostPosted: Mon Sep 24, 2018 11:43 pm
by atc98092
You wrote quite a lot, but I'm still not following exactly what is wrong. Are some files not playing? Do they not appear in the list? DO you get an error on playback? Some videos? All videos?

I believe the SMP-N100 profile does a lot of transcoding. I used to use a SMP-N200, and remember that it choked on HD bitstreams so transcoding was required to reduce the bitrate. I do use a Sony Blu Ray player (BDP-S3500) and use the BDP-Sx100 (2013) profile without issue. Sony has discontinued support for DTS Master Audio playback via DLNA, so those won't play like they did with older Sony players.

I agree that the Sony profiles haven't been updated recently, but from what I've heard from other users it doesn't seem like an update is really needed, except possibly for 4K playback. If your files play fine via USB, try using the generic profile and see if that affects the issues you're experiencing. The generic profile does no transcoding at all. However, make sure you don't have Burned In Subtitles engaged, because that forces transcoding for everything.

Re: Please Help Me Resolve This-Still ongoing about a month

PostPosted: Tue Sep 25, 2018 3:29 am
by Maxpower1
Thanks Dan for your reply-
THE PROBLEM-The main problem is it is almost impossible to play a file that does not skip or pause during playback, when I say pause, it pauses then continues.
I did find one file the other day it was about 400meg (avi), but it is the only one recently. These files Play and do NOT give me an error. I see all files in lists. Just about all videos are doing this.

The skipping is so bad it is almost impossible to watch a movie. This includes files that I watched with Serviio in the past.
I loaded plex, and had the same issue. I am beginning to believe this is possibly a hardware issue. I recently changed out the modem/router with the exact same model, and do have a switch in the system as well. I am going to change out the network cable to the player, in the next day or so, and bypass the extra switch just to check all possibilities as far as hardware is concerned.
I did try the generic profile as well, and it did the same thing!!!

Dan can you tell me if your sony BDP-S3500 is being used as a client and if it plays most all video that is thrown at it? Just thinking of other possibilities~!! (possibly replacing my client)
but feel that it may NOT be the problem.

During this problem I did try replacing my Blu Ray player with a Sony SMP-N200/with the correct profile (as well as the 100) but got the same result. I then went back to the Sony Blu Ray
I am getting ready to change my internet ( for purposes of speed) provider, and my modem as well, would like to get to the bottom of this before then.
I will recheck the generic profile, and the other issues above and get back to you, any other items to check could be helpful?- Thanks again- Jeff (I MISS MY SERVIIO!!!)

Re: Please Help Me Resolve This-Still ongoing about a month

PostPosted: Tue Sep 25, 2018 12:45 pm
by atc98092
OK, what you are experiencing is called buffering, in that the player either can't keep up with the stream, or the stream isn't fast enough. I doubt it's the latter, since your Serviio PC is quite powerful.

I have heard of people having issues after replacing their router, so that is suspicious. If either your computer or your player is connected to a port on the router, and the other is on the switch, try moving both to the switch. Just in case the router has some kind of setting that is mucking something up. Trying both into the router is also a good test. Check your router settings and make sure any Multicast setting is enabled. That usually just interferes with finding Serviio in the first place, and you apparently don't have an issue with that.

SMP-N200 is really old tech, and with mine I could get buffering easily with HD material. Of course, that was also when my Serviio PC had far less power than now. But I recall that it would bitstream the HD audio codecs. I may have to dig one out and try it again. :D

My S3500 plays everything I have, with a couple of exceptions. It can't play my 4K movie rips (apparently the profile doesn't transcode properly for that), and it has to have my WTV files transcoded. But then the only player I've ever used that could play WTV (that wasn't another Windows PC) is my Nvidia Shield.Also, as I mentioned the S3500 won't bitstream DTS Master Audio via DLNA, but will pass Dolby TrueHD. Finally, the S3500 will not display captions from my Blu Ray rips if the container is MKV, but the same movie remuxed into the M2TS container will display them. Since M2TS is the container used by Blu Ray discs, I suppose that makes sense.

The Shield is probably the best player I've ever used, but it's pricey at $180. It passes all audio codecs via bitstream to my AVR, including Atmos and DTS:X, can select different caption and audio tracks, and works with HDR material. And of course has apps for many other services, such as Prime Video, Netflix and YouTube. In fact, the only demerit I can give the Shield is that it doesn't support HDR on YouTube. Some people are unhappy it doesn't support Dolby Vision, but since I don't have a TV that does DV that isn't an issue for me.

Re: Please Help Me Resolve This-Still ongoing about a month

PostPosted: Wed Sep 26, 2018 5:30 pm
by Maxpower1
I can't thank you enough, you were right this was a buffering issue. I did find that my network cables were both on my switch, and switched them to the router/hub-and the problem stopped!!!
Please mark this problem solved, as well as my other post. You have restored my faith in the Serviio User Board. Even though I was going to issolate and take the switch out of the system as my next step;you diagnosed the problem as I was doing it. At this point; come payday I will become a paid member of Serviio, and hopefully I can help others in the future.
When I was using the proper profile for my Sony BDPS390, I noticed I was unable to read many MKV files, but after changing the profile to: Sony Bravia TV (2012) -US, I have no problem with the same MKV files. The player now ready about most anything I throw at it.
I am going to tag you as a friend, and again thank you. It seems that you and I are simlar in HD space. I am also running 4 ReadyNas Servers in a Raid 5 type configuration, 2 of which are DLNA compliant and serve but offer no transcoding. It seems that I can do HD files as well, not sure if I can do the 4K files, I will create on of these and try it.
Please Note that the BDP-S390 Sony Player is an excellent client, and works well in a day and age of smart TV's, while my TV remains stupid, firmware can be stepped backward with a little web knowledge; even though most will tell you it can't be done.
Glad to hear about another good client your Sony Blu Ray player (BDP-S3500). I feel that Serviio should collect a list of all the good clients out there, something that I searched for during this problem. But no real documentation on this!!
Lastly I will investigate further as to why my switch a Netgear GS608 Gigabit was not doing is job. I did check the router/hub and no multicast was found anywhere. Could it be that my ReadyNas Servers, were causing the problem (been using these forever)?
Lastly the Nvidia Shield looks quite interesting-but as you said pricey. :D :D :D My Serviio is back!! What are WTV files?

Re: Please Help Me Resolve This-Still ongoing about a month

PostPosted: Wed Sep 26, 2018 5:40 pm
by freaknik

I don't think such a list of good players exist because it's always changing and would be hard to maintain.

Sometimes switches go bad because they have a fan inside that burns out or gets clogged with dust.

Welcome glad your stuff works.

Re: Please Help Me Resolve This-Still ongoing about a month

PostPosted: Wed Sep 26, 2018 8:14 pm
by atc98092
Love the pic, Freaknik!

Maxpower1: WTV files are recorded OTA TV from a Windows computer running Windows Media Center. So they have MPEG2 video and Dolby Digital audio (2.0 or 5.1). Unfortunately, Microsoft discontinued WMC with Windows 10, so that's why my test server is still Windows 7. Since I began recording old movies from TV, I have since installed a program called MCEBuddy, which can take my recorded WTV files and convert them to H.264 video in a MKV container. This makes them compatible with my Roku players without requiring transcoding. I then use VideoReDo to edit out the commercials and have something watchable. :)

And as Freaknik mentioned, a list of decent players on the market would change constantly. Roku players are good at what they do, but have limited codec support, so some files must be transcoded. The Shield is the first one I've ever used that can play every single file I have and provide the full HD audio and selectable audio and captions tracks. There are a few others available but the cost is even higher. Something called Popcorn Hour ( has some players, but the price starts around $250 and doesn't support sites such as Prime Video.

Re: Please Help Me Resolve This-Still ongoing about a month

PostPosted: Thu Sep 27, 2018 12:51 am
by Maxpower1
Thanks again- One Happy Camper Here!!! :D :D