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[Readme] Sony Audio CMT

New topic about Sony Audio CMT devices.

Sony Audio CMT - CMT-G2NiP(2011) /CMT-G2BNiP(2011) - CMT-MX700Ni(2010)/CMT-MX750Ni (2010).

ProtocolInfo could be find here : ... at_support

Edit profiles.xml and add this section:
<Profile id="SonyCMT" name="Sony Audio CMT" extendsProfileId="1" >
         <Manufacturer>Sony Corporation</Manufacturer>
      <!-- rename native WMA formats to those supported by the device -->
      <MediaFormatProfile mime-type="audio/x-ms-wma" name="WMABASE">WMA_BASE</MediaFormatProfile>
      <MediaFormatProfile mime-type="audio/x-ms-wma" name="WMAFULL">WMA_FULL</MediaFormatProfile>
      <!--For WLAN system mp3 target could be used -->
      <!--Audio targetContainer="mp3" aBitrate="192" aSamplerate="44100"-->
      <Audio targetContainer="lpcm">
         <Matches container="flv"/>
         <Matches container="asf"/>
         <Matches container="rtp"/>
         <Matches container="rtsp"/>
         <Matches container="flac"/>
         <Matches container="ogg"/>