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Re: Sony BDP-S590 wont play .MKV files(corrupt or unsupporte

PostPosted: Wed Jun 27, 2018 2:21 pm
by 67Healey
atc98092 wrote:AVC has multiple levels, from 1 into the 5s. The one media info you posted above was Level 4.2. I usually only see levels higher than 4.1 with 4K material. The levels pertain to maximum bitrates and resolutions. This page has a lot of info about the different profiles and levels.

Great info! - Thanks!

Re: Sony BDP-S590 wont play .MKV files(corrupt or unsupporte

PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2018 2:51 pm
by DenyAll
67Healey wrote:Now it works! ….Just for my own curiosity - is this AVC format somewhere between 3.2 & 4.1?
Serviio can use two methods to work out what the H264 profile level is - it can read it from the container header information, or calculate it from the video streams attributes (reference frames, height and width). Using the first method, the header of your file has a High@L4.2 profile however the file attributes method would have calculated it to be a High@L4.1 profile.

Before the change Serviio was using the file attributes method - your file was detected as a High@L4.1 and was never triggering transcoding (ie. the <Matches container="*" vCodec="h264" profile="high" levelGreaterThan="4.1" /> was not being triggered).

Changing your profile with the <H264LevelCheck>ANY</H264LevelCheck> statement tells Serviio to use the higher of the two methods - in your case it would now detect the file as High@L4.2 and transcoding would be triggered.

I'm happy it works for you ... however setting the level to 3.1 for other files is probably transcoding a lot of files you dont need to (I suggested it as a test). Try decreasing it in increments: 4.0, then 3.2 then 3.1. Remember to restart the server after each save. The aim is to avoid transcoding unless you have to.

ps. these aren't YIFY files are they - just curious as I have seen them cause issues like this.