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Small thumbbnails in LG TV



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Small thumbbnails in LG TV

LG tv shows small thumbnail picture altough I set <ThumbnailsResolution>HD</ThumbnailsResolution> in Generic profile. In mediabrowser I see pretty pictures how can I config serviio to see to show same picture trough DNLA .


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Re: Small thumbbnails in LG TV

I've managed to fix this by doing the following:

1. Locate serviio.sh file
2. Edit file and find the section with the tag # starting serviio
3. Add following to the end of the command line: -Dserviio.hdThumbnailResoulution=960
4. Locate profiles.xml and add the following tag to the LG definition: <ThumbnailsResolution>HD</ThumbnailsResolution>
5. Stop & re-start Serviio

You should have high-res thumbs, if not you might try (I'm not sure if that's needed) removing & re-scanning the content.

I hope this helps...

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