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Excessive buffering



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Excessive buffering

Hi all,

Firstly I'd like to say that Serviio is a great product.

I have purchased a new LG OLED65B8 and of course I'm excited to stream some 4k material, however I seem to have excessive video buffering.

I've been searching this forum and have found some interesting threads which have helped me troubleshoot but I am still at a loss.

My config:
HP Microserver Gen8
Upgraded CPU to E3-1265L V2
Dual NIC
Server 2012R2 installed on SSD
Movie/TV repo reside on a RAID 5 array

I am not seeing any evidence of CPU or RAM bottlenecks.

I have bound the Serviio service to the secondary NIC and it has exclusive access. The TV is connected to the same 1GB switch as the server.

So far I have tried

Set the LG profile
Disabling subtitles
Changing the order or audio tracks - DTS first, TrueHD second
Remove TrueHD track all together
Disabled transcoding
Setting all 8 CPU threads to transcoding

I have even directly connected the TV ethernet into the server, manually setting IP addresses. The TV seems to only connect at 100mbps, not the 1gbps that I'd expect.

I have enabled debug logging on Serviio, but can't say that the log is giving me much to work with.




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Re: Excessive buffering

Firstly work out if the video is being transcoded - while playing type http://localhost:23423/rest/playback-status into your browse. Look at the itemTranscoded response.

If not transcoding then try:

  • increasing the buffer Serviio has to operate with - see viewtopic.php?f=5&t=24222
  • Increasing the amount of memory Serviio has to work with - Look at the -Xmx value in the ServiioService.exe.vmoptions file
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