Post Thu Oct 25, 2018 7:14 am

Serviio 1.10


I have been using Serviio 1.92 without any problems.

I upgraded to the new version 1.10. After that my LG tv kept loosing the connection to Serviio (my network is fine everythoing else worked ok Amazon prime, Netflix
Also the sound was muffled in dolby (stereo ok) and dolby worked fine before this.
Subtitles also stopped working from ,
I have read the that are moving to , so maybe this should be embedded og able to manualy change the address i ver 1.92 (it's not possible to change the address at this time)

I had still had the 1.92 ver and reinstalled it. Then everything was ok again.

Hope this info is read by someone with same problem. It's not always a good idea to upgrade if it's working