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Re: no subtitle, lg ld840 (solved)

PostPosted: Tue Sep 27, 2011 9:51 am
by zip
Ok, so basically the MediaFormatProfile change did not solve it, right?

I hate these player when they depend on an extension to work properly. :evil:

Re: no subtitle, lg ld840 (solved)

PostPosted: Sat Oct 01, 2011 1:50 pm
by xpto09
Everything works.

However, the line

<MediaFormatProfile mime-type="video/mp4" name="">AVI</MediaFormatProfile>

must be placed in

<Profile id="1" name="Generic DLNA profile">

Now, there is a better way to solve this.

Details in

Edited: another solution

Re: [SOLVED] no subtitle, lg ld840

PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2011 4:43 pm
by zip
so will this profile work with subtitles when browsing anf category (e.g. movies, series .. not just folders)?

<Profile id="8" name="LG TV / player" extendsProfileId="1">
         <MediaFormatProfile mime-type="video/mp4" name="">AVI</MediaFormatProfile>
         <Video targetContainer="mpegts" targetACodec="mp3">
            <Matches container="matroska" aCodec="ac3" />

Also can other LG owners confirm this will not break AVI playback???