Post Wed Aug 20, 2014 8:42 pm

Panasonic profiles I used that play files properly.

After lots of trials and varying video files the settings below work to play all the files I have to play thru my network on the following Panasonic products.
May be useful for others setting up Panasonic products. I have similar for Samsung I will post later.
Device name is what Serviio sees it as. Profile is what you get when you click on what it finds. Changed to what is shown below.

Panasonic Viera TV: Panasonic VIERA TH-P65VT60A
Device name: Panasonic VIEra
Profile: Panasonic Viera (2013)

Panasonic PVR: Panasonic DMR-HW220 PVR
Device name: BD/DVD Recorder
Profile: Panasonic BD Player

Panasonic Blue Ray player: HD DMP-BDT230
Device name: NFLC SDK V1.5
Profile: Panasonic BD Player

Note:The DMR-HW220 did also work with 2011 Viera settings but would slow down every now and then.