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Tx-P42G20E & playing mkv files



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Tx-P42G20E & playing mkv files


I'm new to this board & new using Serviio.

I'm having problems playing mkv files on my tv.

I have a nas (zyxel nsa325v2) where i succesfully installed serviio server(1.4.1.) on it using a manual i found on this forum. & i installed serviio console on my windows desktop
i'm using the Panasonic viara 2010 profile .

When i'm trying to play a mkv file on my tv , first it says "loading ,please wait" & then a message that he doesnt support that kind of file.
When i press the info button i can see the excact lenght of the mkv file and also that he see's the file as a mpegts file. -> transcoding works half i guess?

I'm guessing i have to alter the profiles.xml file but i have no idea how. Can somebody help me out please?


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Re: Tx-P42G20E & playing mkv files

The Viera 2010 profile forces the video stream in MKV files to be transcoded. Problem is a lot of low powered devices (NAS's) do not have the grunt to do video transcoding fast enough.

The G20 won't support MKV files natively so your options are:

  • Change the profile to remux the video rather than transcode it. This is how older versions of the profile behaved. This can be done by editing profiles.xml and in the changing the line:

      <Video targetContainer="mpegts" targetVCodec="mpeg2video" targetACodec="ac3" aBitrate="384" DAR="16:9">
    deleting the bits in red. This will force the file to be remuxed rather than transcoded, which will work and is a lot less processor intensive. Problem is, for any movies where the aspect ratio is higher than 16:9 (many modern films) the TV will expand the video to fit the screen ie. it will appear stretched vertically. After editing you must restart the Serviio service or your PC for the changes to take effect.
  • Re-encode all your video's manually to a format supported by the G20. Unfortunately there are not too many formats supported (I'm not sure for the European model - possibly avi, mpegts and avchd - check your manual).
Not ideal either way I'm afraid. Its a problem with NAS's - they don't generally have the grunt to transcode video which you need to support older devices.
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