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Serviio won't recognise Panasonic Viera



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Serviio won't recognise Panasonic Viera

I was running Serviio easily and smoothly for years via my Windows 7 PC LAN connected to Panasonic Viera TV
via cat 6 ethernet cable
but since buying a new PC with Windows 10 a month ago I cannot get Serviio to recognise the TV.
it seems to recognise the Xbox only, via different LAN.
what is going ?
I am not a tech -head so don't want highly complex solutions and suggestions .
it shouldn't be so hard for this to work.
Please ?


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Post Tue May 26, 2020 5:07 pm

Re: Serviio won't recognise Panasonic Viera

When you say different LAN, what do you mean? Do you have more than one LAN segment in your network? If so, DLNA does not route across different network segments without significant effort and most likely equipment you don't have available. And most likely would require skills you say you don't have.

For all devices to see Serviio, they must all be on the same LAN segment. This means that the IP address has the same three numbers (the fourth number is unique). For example, if your network uses the 192.168.0 address range, all devices must have 192.168.0 as their first three digits. And the netmask must be identical as well. For most home networks that means

If your Serviio computer and XBox both have IP addresses that start with 192.168.0, and the TV has an IP address that starts with anything different, the TV will never see the Serviio service. Since the XBox sees Serviio (and I assume can play media), then there's nothing wrong with your Serviio install. The problem must lie with your network configuration.

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