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Synology DS413 + XBOX360

PostPosted: Sat Apr 20, 2013 10:42 am
by aragorn234
I have installed and configured Serviio on my Synology DS413 (running DSM4.2).
If I open the Media Browser I can see the files and the newly downloaded Metadata.

The issue I am now having is that I do not know how to view these files via the XBOX360. Until I installed Serviio I could see the Synology NAS as a device. However this no longer appears. The XBOX is connected to the Network I have tested the connectivity.
The Serviio console can see the xbox360 and gives it a Green light to say it is on, however the xbox can not see the server.

I was reading some info on the forum here about the bound IP but it didnt make a great deal of sense to me.

Any thoughts?

Re: Synology DS413 + XBOX360

PostPosted: Sun Apr 21, 2013 1:43 am
by aragorn234
Really starting to struggle now.
I have Serviio working with My Samsung TV but still not sure why it will not work on XBOX360.
The Serviio console shows the XBOX with a Green Light next too it. When I go to the Xbox it does not show up with either the NAS or Serviio.

Please some advise or direction.


Re: Synology DS413 + XBOX360

PostPosted: Sun Apr 21, 2013 10:54 am
by aragorn234
PLEASE can someone offer some advise.
I have configured Serviio on my NAS and my Samsung TV can see and use the service.
The XBOX is seen by the Serviio service, but the XBOX does not see the service.

Please can someone offer any sort of advise. I am all out of ideas of what to try

I am not even sure how the XBOX is supposed to see the Serviio service.

Re: Synology DS413 + XBOX360

PostPosted: Wed Jun 12, 2013 8:31 pm
by ServE
You may never see this, and I may never return to this thread. This is all I can offer (if you haven't gotten it to work yet). Basically, Serviio will show up on your Xbox as 'Serviio (Whatever the name of your NAS/PC is)' and you must remember that Xbox will only see certain files. It can read most AVI, MP4, and WMV. As for MKV and such, Xbox 360 doesn't natively look for those files. The only way to get the Xbox to see them is to use the Media Center Extender functionality and some unlicensed addons. I did this before, but wasn't too happy with the results. Your best bet would be to reencode files to MP4 or AVI. If that is too much, spend like $50 on a Media Streamer box such as the WDTV Live Series or Roku. They have built in codecs and stuff for most video formats and that is what I use when my Xbox is being fussy. I hope this helps you, or whoever stumbles upon this post. Good luck!

Re: Synology DS413 + XBOX360

PostPosted: Wed Jun 12, 2013 11:35 pm
by aragorn234
Thanks for the reply, and likely you may not ever see this post (I had subscribed so got notification of a post).
The issue I was having was not with playing certain files, but actually seeing serviio from the xbox.

I have since resolved the issue. However I do not know what it was that i did that made it work. I have had it working now for close to 1 week so I guess it is stable. I have also changed to a new router and functionality is still there (thankfully). In a hope of helping others, what did I do.

1. Removed all Serviio references and configurations (Packages, User Accounts, Public Folder, Java etc)
2. Installed and configured carefully step - by - step
3. Did not work initially
4. Made changes to access rights and user accounts)
5. It just started to work.

So as I mentioned, not sure what setting it was that was not correct, but it is now working flawlessly.