Post Mon Sep 10, 2018 6:07 am

New to NAS

Hi Guys

Relatively new to Serviio, but I went and paid for a licence despite the few minor issues I had in other posts.
I am thinking it is a worthy update to dear old Twonky .

So previously I ran my HP Tuchsmart as my Twonky server with a multitude of USB drives attached.
Whilst I am travelling I bought the Apple Mac Mini (2010) with me that my kids were no longer using and hooked it up in the hotel with Serviio.
Now it has 3 free USB ports and therefore can easily take a few drives for media.

BUT as I was once warned, portable HD drives are not really designed for 24 hour running day in day out.
So the option would be to get some big "hooters" with mains power but then the risk of all eggs in a big basket failing is a bit scary.

So enter NAS into the equation.
As I see it, it has its own network connection which is a bonus, it doesn;t really need a computer to function.
And that means my trusty old Touchsmart which has had a few issues lately wont be working its ass off as a media server.
Conceivably I could use the Apple Mini Mac as a media server doing nothing else all day, and thats kind of appealing as it is small takes up minimal desk space
and frankly doesnt need a screen attached and can be hooked to a bluetooth keyboard/mouse when necessary.

But NAS interests does interest me, if even just as a single box containing powered drives.

I have seen other posts with Serviio running on NAS devices but they seem to encounter a few issues.
Is that due to the Serviio version running on some weird hardware configurations ???? (i.eLinux on variety of processors ?)

What advantages would NAS give me ?
I have something like 7-8TB of media to share on the home network.

The two devices I am looking at are inexpensive relatively.
I am not focused on redundancy (that is possibly a later focus), more to share a variety of disks in one box using mains power rather than a JBOD in separate housings with leads going everywhere.

Any experiences comments most welcome