Post Mon Apr 26, 2021 1:34 pm

Can't get Video m3u playlists to show in Serviio

The oddest thing.

I started trying to get the IPTV playlist from to show in Serviio. I'm running Serviio 2.1 on a DS218 NAS running in the riftbit-Serviio1 docker container. The playlist works fine in VLC.

I put the file in my scanned video directory. Playlists are set to show in the console/Presentation, but video playlists don't show, no matter what video playlist format I try.

I have equivalent settings for video and audio playlists set in the console and audio playlists are shown OK (although the audio playlist content only point to local files)

If I extract a url from the m3u file and add it as an online source, the content shown as expected, which seems to rule out any docker or network issues.

I've tried looking for the video playlists on a Samsung TV and VLC under Linux...they don't show on either, but as said before, audio playlists show fine.

The m3u file structure for the video content is:

#EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="" tvg-name="&Flix" tvg-country="IN" tvg-language="English" tvg-logo="" tvg-url="" group-title="Movies",&Flix

- which all looks fine to me

Any help gratefully accepted!