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Artists and track info unavailable in music streams



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Post Sat Dec 05, 2020 7:06 pm

Artists and track info unavailable in music streams

Is there any plugin or other method which will allow the capture of the track info on music streams such as artist and track name? I am using the latest Serviio and I am connected to a Samsung TV. The streams work OK in that the music plays but on dedicated Internet Radios this track information is available. I have also tried with my Sony Blue Ray player and again there is music but no track information. I am running Serviio on my WHS v1. https://100001.onl/ https://1921681254.mx/


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Re: Artists and track info unavailable in music streams

Have you found any working solution? It's kinda annoying when I can't check the artist or track basic info. All of my devices I've used to stream music also didn't show anything, not smart tv, nor blue ray player. I guess the problem is in software. They definitely have a database with all the info, so why not share it with users? Instead, I'm forced to use other stocksound services. I'm not asking much, but can you provide the info, at least as Youtube Music does? Anyway, I would be glad to have a third-party plugin too.

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