Post Wed Dec 02, 2020 4:06 pm

HFS-Server with virtual HTTP-Folders (Web Resource)?

in Serviio you unfortunately can't make a virtual file or folderlist. Howewer the HFS-Server can generate virtual web-files and web-folders with mediafiles too.

The virtual folders are useful for me to cathegorize and rename the mediafiles without touching the original file-system. This can be an advantage e.g. by collecting videofiles in a virtual server-folder that originally are stored on different external harddisks.

How can I use the HFS-Server as web-resoure in Serviio to show its server-files and folders via DLNA? Ist there eventually a universal plugin or something else wich can be used for this? Actually I'm using Serviio 1.5. I'm not able to progamm a plugin myself.