Post Sat Oct 23, 2021 6:42 am

TV model UN40EH5300F - veetle plugin issues, anyone else?


I have been on this forum for some time. THere was some good veetle plugin posted by trigu75 but it never works on my Samsung TV model UN40EH5300F. i am in US and bought this a few weeks back. This model was one of the top recommended in 2012 models.
I s someone on same boat having issues of buffering with this model ONLY with VEETLE plugin? My other videos from PC or certain websites work flawlessly. Me and trigu have tried quite many different version of his plugin but everytime the problem is same. o

On other note, JTV plugin is also good but as i did mention in other thread, till it is categorized in different category, it is practically not useful as eveyrtime the URL changes and you have to reenter it under web resources..
This is stopping me from buying serviio pro license :(

Please advise if above works for someone with same model