Post Sat Jan 23, 2021 10:27 am

lastfm scrobbling plugin?

Hi All,

I am looking for a DLNA server, but with one specific lastfm requirement. I would like to have the DLNA server, submit the played songs to lastfm. In other words, I would like the DLNA Server to do the so called scrobbling of the music.

So in my configuration: I have a Synology NAS, with Serviio running. My streamer (DAC Magic Cambridge Audio) looks at the DLNA provided menu structure, and can play FLAC content from that. But there is no lastfm scrobbler for the DAC Magic streamer. So in my case, I would like the Serviio DLNA server to submit the songs to This would happen for example when 50 % of the song has been played.
This would allow me to follow all the songs that I have played on lastfm. I use this a lot to discover new music. Lastfm is a great resource for that. Would this be possible? The lastfm scrobbling source code is available on the lastfm side, and is not that long and/or complicated.

Who would be able to write this kind of plugin for Serviio?

Kind regards from Belgium,