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simple plugin



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simple plugin

Dear All,
I want to make a really simple plugin as I know all the urls for the channels I want. However all the rtmp links have the id that needs to be captured every few hours to see the stream i.e.id=0ad5aac39bb13fbe390a3ca594c9330e2cf1752ca6a7141c9e664deff4e6e670739306a3bc6ba8f46a9503cfccdcccbe8ec6efdf7059825bc70273a5c1ecd8e2cb184c18be7017e9b23d2d2ee7a6efb15acfbd7d1561db5e798bbb48e5f81ae1aa7ca878fb50b72b073723ed0e03405c7dbdb5a0ab4da1001c0a50040718cd26cb342048eb0b25c02f9ba51baddce93e4049105a161f30fd
All the other parameters are known

So my question is it possible to generate a simple plugin that

1) Lists the thumbnails of all the required channels
2) when the thumbnail is selected a code is run that interrogates the url or the rtmp stream to get the key id which is then stored and executed



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Post Fri Feb 01, 2013 9:34 pm

Re: simple plugin

You can use expiresImmediately which will cause to run the url extraction code just before you play it.

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