Post Sun Jan 15, 2017 8:42 pm

NPR podcasts

A few years ago I had set up my Serviio with links to all the NPR podcasts that I like to listen to; Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, RadioLab, This American Life, Afropop Worldwide, and they all worked. Then something changed, and the only one that works is Echoes ( as an RSS/Atom feed. The rest no longer work, although when I enter their URLs in my browser, they all seem to be still valid. ... -t-tell-me

When I checked Afropop Worldwide, I found that their URL had changed. It is now
And this URL works. I can play this through Serviio on my Sony box

And Echoes still works.

Can anyone tell me why the others don't work? Also, some show up as choices on my player, but others don't.